Services and Solutions

System Planning & Design

The sureness with which every software project achieves success lies in the effectiveness of its design and planning. With our experience in this area, we are able to leverage our knowledge of many types of systems, tools, and platforms to assist you in mapping your journey to successful implementation.

Application Development

Even the best design cannot succeed without strong software development skills. The subtleties on the path between design and implementation can lead to missteps and development time lost getting back on course. Whether your needs are for additional resources, design reassessment, or full application development, our experienced staff can help ensure that your project is a success.

Website / Web Service Development

ActiveX or Java? ASP or PHP? Internet Explorer or Netscape? Ajax? IIS or Apache? The heated debate over these seemingly bewildering options can make for an interesting, but expensive, diversion. The real question facing your business is not what product has garnished the more zealous following or has the most marketing muscle, but which will accomplish your goals today and continue to be a viable solution tomorrow.

Site Redesign / Search Engine Optimization

If people can't find your site, it doesn't matter how appealing it is! We can make sure you connect with the people who are in need of the products or services you provide.

Database Design & Implementation

Databases are the engine that powers business computing. Without proper design and implementation, you can be left stranded. With our experience on databases, we can make sure that everything is tuned and in good working order before you embark.

Communications & Network Planning

In today's complex business environment, the pace of change is incredible. Your network has to keep up with the constantly growing demands of your enterprise. Whether you are planning a new network, adapting your current network to changing needs, or rescuing a troubled network, our wide range of data communication experience can provide the solution you can count on.

Numerical Control

Numerical Control provides manufacturing the accuracy and automation needed to get the job done. With our purchase of General Electric's numerical control business in 1986, we are equipped to address the unique challenges of this often unforgiving field.

Client-Server Architecture

More than just a buzz word, the client server model of system implementation has revolutionized business computing, but not without casualties. Let us apply our experienced staff to your client server project and help you avoid the pitfalls.

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