County-Linked Agency Information Management System


The County-Linked Agency Information Management System (CLAIMS) is the ultimate tool for managing all of the activities of your school or agency.  What CLAIMS can do is far beyond the scope of this simple website, but to whet your appetite for what CLAIMS can do for you, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Can you match every cent you pay to your therapists with every cent that you bill to the state, county, school district, insurance company, parents, etc?

If you were using CLAIMS, you'd be working in a robust database that has a direct link between AR and AP that tracks every penny.  In addition there are over 20 automatic audits are done on each and every attendance that enters the system to ensure that all billing rules are followed, including time overlaps, authorized units and makeups.

Does getting a company-wide ageing report take no more than a button click?

If you were using CLAIMS, you would just run the Aged Receivables report.  While there, you might run dozens of others such as AR Summaries, Revenue and Revenue Forecasts to ensure that your company was operating at tip-top efficiency.

Can you measure the time it takes to get the data for your CFR report in minutes?

If you were using CLAIMS, you'd already be done with most of the CFR.  In fact, many people take advantage of the ease of getting this information that they look at how things are shaping up during the school year so that there are no surprises at the end of the year.

Are your therapists compliant?

If you were using CLAIMS you could easily answer "yes".  Through attribute tracking, CLAIMS users can ensure that therapists are compliant with all state, county and profession-based requirements, as well as customized items that the require of their therapists.  You would be able to do this tracking in real-time or to proactively check months ahead of time, emailing therapists *before* their compliance runs out.  You would also be able to affirm that each month you check all of your staff against the Medicaid Exclusion Lists.

How much time would it take you to find a Spanish-speaking speech therapist in Albany who is proficient in feeding and has half an hour of availability Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and is compliant with all EI requirements?

If you were using CLAIMS, you'd be able to answer in seconds.  CLAIMS provides an incredibly rich therapist-child matching tool that includes all of these criteria as well as many more!

Are you capable of electronic billing to NYEIS, CPSE and insurances?

CLAIMS was the first application capable of electronic billing to NYEIS, the first to be 5010-compliant with NYEIS and is the only system capable of billing all 3 of these.

Can your therapists enter their time online?

With EnterClaims, not only can therapists enter their time, but they are presented with the results of a myriad of automatic warnings such as time overlaps and frequency checking.  While there, therapists are presented with any upcoming items such as progress reports, quarterlies, and prescription expirations for their children.  Service Coordinators, in particular, find the online access to their children spectacular!

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