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Early Intervention Third Party Billing

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Our Early Intervention Third Party Billing (EITPB) software simplifies the billing and reconciliation processes for New York State Counties seeking compensation for Early Intervention services. It offers both electronic billing (via the HIPAA standard 837P file) and electronic reconciliation capabilities (via the HIPAA standard 835 file), allowing counties faster claim turn-around time while saving countless hours of data entry and paper generation!

Submit bills electronically, or automatically batch print hundreds of HCFA-1500 forms, using a full suite of customizable options to ensure recovery of the maximum possible amount. Resubmit any claim with a single click.

Additionally, EITPB provides advanced reporting capabilities for EI program managers, and interfaces directly with the DOS-based KIDS program (provided to the counties by New York State) to retrieve data, so that no double-entry work is required! Claims can be customized at every level, and built-in logic allows for claim generation to occur automatically and painlessly!

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