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STAC Entry, Submission & Approval

STAC Approval

The Preschool system allows for simple entry of STAC-1 for Centerbased, SEIT and Related Services approvals. Data can also be imported from other sources including the BOCES - xxxx. The system takes the data and formats into NYSED's designated layout for electronic submittals. The STAC-3 approvals are then received back electronically and updated into the system.



The Preschool system assists with the entry and tracking of preschool children's enrollments into their various programs. Here the software provides for tracking additional data not entered on the STAC-1, but still needed by the county. Things such as related service providers, transportation details, etc. can be maintained to assist the county when it comes time to pay the provider.



The Preschool system provides for automating the paying of providers for children enrolled in the preschool programs. The system produces a preliminary payment detail based upon what the county believes should be paid. This preliminary detail is reconciled against the providers actual bill, comparing amounts, attendance and children. Any discrepancies between the two can be either reconciled or marked as "Don't Pay" until it is resolved. When it is time to process a payment, a voucher report is generated with all of the supporting details to go allong with the payment.



The Preschool system has several pre-canned reports for tracking status of a STAC, payment details, payment history, enrollments, etc.

AVL Processing

We are in the process of working with NYSED to automate the AVL process electronically and incorporate it into the Preschool system.

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