Custom Software

Productivity Leverage Through the Application of Technology
Custom Software
Business-driven development of flexible software solutions that stand the test of time.
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Custom Applications

Eliminate expensive and unwieldy vendor customizations by driving software development from your proprietary processes.

Application Modernization

Replace aging, unsupported software with modern, secure technology to reduce support costs and mitigate risk to business operations.

Application Integration

Combine data from multiple systems into a single data stream for new efficiencies and insights.

Staff Augmentation

Value Added Through the Application of Technology

Software Development

Skip the recruiting carousel and finish your project sooner with skilled, U.S. based software developers in C#, Java, VB.NET, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C/C++, FoxPro, and/or PowerBuilder.

Technical Project Leadership

Leverage our experienced staff to guide your project to success.

Vendor Management

Avoid the learning curve and let us facilitate your vendor selection process from criteria specification through knowledge transfer and transition to internal staff.

Subject Matter Expert

Improve skills of your existing staff in a targeted area, such as Technology Frameworks, Business Intelligence, Requirements, Software Life Cycle Management, Testing, or Business Process Analysis.

Staff Augmentation
Experienced professionals who are ready to work immediately on your initiatives.
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Business Intelligence

Insight Leverage Through the Application of Technology
Business Intelligence
Enhanced insight into achieving your business goals through data aggregation and analytics.
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Leverage advanced reporting techniques to provide flexible reports empowering users to unleash their own insights.

Data Warehouse

Integrate multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive data repository of the enterprise.


Real-time information on the state of an enterprise.

Forecasting and Simulation

Project future trends and conditions through statistical analyses and simulation.

Business Advisory

Strategy Enhancement Through the Application of Technology

Strategy and Planning

Provide a fresh perspective on business strategy and goals to develop the vision for the next generation of business processes.

Productivity Audits

Review current business processes against established best practices and look for opportunities for automation to improve revenue and/or staff efficiency.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Business Advisory
Build the innovative information technology strategy needed to plan and manage business success.
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Solving the Computer Needs of Business Since 1979

Productivity Leverage Through the Application of Technology

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why choose mcguinness?

Productivity leverage through the application of technology.

Since 1979 our focus has been on the application of technology to maximize our clients' return from their technology investment.

We have helped numerous clients, large and small, through the application of technology to solve their business challenges. With our team by your side, you'll have the best prospects for success with the least risk to your business.

Are you are looking to add value to your existing business systems, supplement your current technical staff, gain new insights into your operations, or expand your market reach through innovative strategies? We can help.

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  • We have a large, U.S. based team whose core members share over 150 years of combined software implementation experience and nearly 70 years of project management experience.
  • Our full-time, seasoned professionals bring that experience and broad perspective to your efforts.
  • With that experience comes a demonstrated, long-term commitment to excellence and continued technology development as Microsoft Gold Partners.
  • We bring a culture of continuous improvement and passion for technology to your projects.


  • Of course, the payoffs of all technology projects are the business benefits that they achieve, not as monuments to technological prowess.
  • Our focus is on what works; we leave pushing the frontiers of computer science to those who work in R&D.
  • We select the solution that will provide the best chance for success and the least chance of something going wrong that could negatively impact your business.
  • Our stellar track record of successes, both big and small, positions us perfectly to partner with you to the benefit of your business.


  • Our team has implemented professional solutions in languages including C#, Java, PowerBuilder, C++, FORTRAN, and even Lisp. Our experience with databases runs the industry gamut including MySQL, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Sybase, and Oracle.
  • This extensive experience in technology allows us to provide pragmatic solutions that fit the preferred technology of your enterprise.
  • Beyond just technology, our team has experience across diverse industries. We have designed, developed and implemented software solutions in manufacturing, finance, accounting, banking, insurance, and media to name a few.
  • Our experience in these areas allows us to leverage best practices across business domains and bring those insights to your challenges and opportunities.

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